Rain, winds and other intruders where  finding their way into the masjid through broken windows, side panels and holes in the roof. It is crucial to the mosque’s upkeep to fix and repair the broken windows and side panels as soon as possible. In order to solve this issue, the masjid will be sealing the holes through the repair work of professional contractors using bricks and blocks. When this is complete the rodents and pests will not have a way to get inside the
building. Also the tall plants and trees that the animals are using to climb to the top of
the structure will be removed without compromising the rest of the natural vegetation
around the mosque. Lastly, we will be resolving the issue with the broken windows by
replacing them with newer ones and extra reinforcements and this will also have a
bonus benefit of creating better illumination of the mosque interior with natural
sunlight. The project will start soon and progress of the resolution to the issues will be
regularly updated on the mosques social media and its official website.