PROJECTS OF 2022-2023

Project Progress 100%

Roof Repair

The mosque roof needed to be redone as it was damaged over the years. It was causing leaks inside the building leading to damage to the frame and structure. Due to the damage on roof, some parts of the prayer halls became unusable. Therefore immediate repair was required……….

Project Progress 100%


The mosque is proud to announce the kitchen is now fully upgraded with the addition of new flooring, backsplashes, and new hardware and appliances, including a refrigerator. Upgrading the mosque’s frequently used features is a part of our plan to upkeep the mosque’s structural integrity as well as beautify its appearance.

Project Progress 100%


Rain and winds and other intruders where  finding their way into the masjid through broken windows, side panels and holes in the roof. It is crucial to the mosque upkeep a healthy environment and to  repair the broken windows and side panels as soon as possible….

Project Progress 100%

Funeral and Janazah

Over the years, Darul Hijra Islamic Centre has started and completed many necessary projects within the mosque. While we have successfully completed a number of projects, we still have some ongoing projects that are very important to the masjid, as well as our community……..

Project Progress 100%


Every muslim had the right to come to the mosque. In this case it is important that all worshippers have an equal opportunity to come to the mosque. Therefore, the mosque’s facilities need to be improved in order to create easy and safe access for the elderly and persons with disabilities.….

Project Progress 100%

Sound & Security

The masjid’s current CCTV surveillance cameras are very outdated and it is important
that the masjid updates it’s security cameras so as to ensure that the property is not damaged or vandalized. The mosque is also hoping to soon update it’s sound system.

Project Progress 50%


The mosque is working towards adding skylights throughout its facilities as it will benefit from additional natural light coming into its space. Consequently, increased natural lighting will lower the energy cost as it will reduce the use of electricity at the center….

Project Progress 20%

Wudu & Washroom

Darul Hijra Islamic Center (DHIC) needs new washrooms and wudu areas because the current ones no longer meet the needs of the mosque. The reason for this is that they are too small for the number of people who come to the mosque.….

Project Progress 0%

Banquet Hall

Darul Hijra Islamic center will dedicate part of its facilities as a community center and banquet hall to provide extra social services. The new hall will be fully furnished and designed to be multi-purpose so that it can be used for a wide variety of events and gatherings……