New Kitchen

In the year 2022 Darul Hijra Islamic Center has undertaken the ambitious project to renovate and upgrade all facilities of the mosque. This is a multi-phased development and one of the projects completed currently is the Mosques kitchen space. Before the completion of this project, the kitchen had many outdated appliances as well as issues with plumbing and flooring. The mosque is proud to announce the kitchen is now fully upgraded with the addition of new flooring, backsplashes, and new hardware and appliances, including a refrigerator. Upgrading the mosque’s frequently used features is a part of our plan to upkeep the mosque’s structural integrity as well as beautify its appearance. The kitchen has been an integral component of the mosque’s ability to serve and be a central part of the community. It is used to prepare meals during Ramadan, Eid, as well as other community functions such as seminaries in which food is prepared for the masjid’s guests. Without a proper kitchen the mosque would not be capable of offering these services. Therefore, the cooking facilities help us take care of the community. Similar to this project, the mosque aims to continue the renovation of its exterior and interior facilities to better meet the needs of the muslim community and provide adequate social services.