Accessibility For Disabled People

The Mosque is one of the most attended place for the muslim community. People visit the mosque to pray in congregation for their 5 obligatory daily prayers as well as take part in other activities and seminars taking place. Every muslim had the right to come to the mosque and it is highly encouraged for them to do so. In this case it is important that all worshippers have an equal opportunity to come to the mosque. Therefore, the mosque’s facilities need to be improved in order to create easy and safe access for the elderly and persons with disabilities. The mosque is improving its parking lot, entrances, passageways, and its facilities to remove physical barriers that can otherwise discourage the differently abled persons and elders from visiting. The mosque intends for its different areas and facilities to be equally accessible to everyone. The accessibility areas will also have legible signage that pertain to their functions. The vision of the mosque is to have support for all attendees and that includes the equity for the persons with disabilities.


In Progress